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The Viral Road


The History of Choppers began as many thing in the Greek culture begin....with a lesson!

Greek Version ------- English Version


Choppers circa 1987It was the summer of '87 while vacationing in Greece,
that George figured out what he wanted to do with his life ...But he couldn't just move to Greece and eat, drink, and dance his life away, so he did what many Greek Americans did - He opened a restaurant. He had already been working several years in the industry learning everything he could and knew that when the time was right, he would make his move. The year was 1987. President Regan was saying "tear down that wall" as George was planning to put his up!


The #1 Song in April 1987
"I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)"
Performed by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. Check out the top 100 songs in 1987

Choppers 1 year anniversary

Choppers was established in 1987 from humble beginings. Bucktown / Wicker Park was a different place in the 80's but George Mavraganis, the owner, saw the potential of the neighborhood and took a chance on an abandon flower shop. He was a hard worker and it was a good thing, because in this industry, its all work and little play. After a year of blood, sweat, and "your never going to make it" comments from many local banks, Choppers was
on its way, celebrating its One Year Anniversary.

The Choppak

Its been almost 25 years and many changes have been made, but none more game-changing as the introduction of the Choppak in 1994. Later coined in 2005 as "The Happy Meal for Adults", this quickly became the #1 seller. Its a double beef, double cheese with all the trimmings. It comes with a hugh portion of thick-steak-cut fries and arguably the best homemade coleslaw in Bucktown / Wicker Park.
The Choppak, it even has its own facebook fan page.

After the lunch order rush, George can often be seen cruising the neighborhood in one of his restored '73 Checker Marathons. If you see him, give him a wave or better yet, follow him back to Choppers. He'll hook ya up!

Choppers at night

73 Checker